Time to Update the Footwear Wardrobe with Dansko Shoes!

I absolutely love Danskos. They are my go-to shoes for any time my feet hurt. And while they feel good, I really love the variety of styles they come in. I adore my Dansko Professionals; they are the perfect “anytime” shoe, and I use that model for dressy as well as casual occasions. The Kelsey is incredibly comfortable; it’s a wonderful casual shoe that feels like I’m walking on memory foam! And I have an ancient pair of Mary Janes that is still holding up beautifully after years of wear. Is this enough Danskos for one person? Absolutely not, and I’ve found two more models that are calling out to me!

The Dansko Becca is a gorgeous dress shoe with a 2 5/8” heel, yet has all the wonderful properties you’d find in any Dansko. The adjustable strap and buckle provide a custom fit, and the insole is soft and absorbs shocks. It feels really stable and comfortable, and I can wear this for hours on end without worrying about my feet hurting. How many dress shoes can you say that about?

For a great shoe that you can use to just slip on and go, try the Shyanne. I love the embellishment across the top of the foot! I can wear this with almost anything in my wardrobe, it’s incredibly versatile. The footbed is really soft, yet very supportive. And the shock absorption is fabulous! Now I just have to hope that my daughters don’t keep “borrowing” them from me…..

With the change in seasons, it’s time to change up your wardrobe and change your footwear. Dansko has models for every occasion!

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