The Most Unique Footwear Ever: Vibram FiveFingers Shoes!

Ever want a shoe that fits like a glove? Now you can have one – the Vibram FiveFingers shoes. These are by far the most unique-looking shoes I’ve ever seen, and I was anxious to try them out!

These are the only shoes you’ll find where each of your toes fits into its own “finger,” like the fingers on a glove. Why is this important? This allows your toes to move more naturally. It also helps to strengthen muscles in your feet and legs. The heel is not raised; rather, it’s lowered so that your body weight is distributed evenly across the shoe and therefore encourages spinal alignment and proper posture. All of these factors together help to improve balance and agility. You get all the benefits of walking barefoot, with the protection of a shoe.

 Vibram FiveFingers makes shoes for a variety of activities, such as:

The KSO– a great general-purpose fitness shoe. The patented Vibram sole is slip resistant, and razor siped for extra flexibility. (The Vibram sole material extends up over the ends of the toes, adding protection.) This is a fine shoe to wear for running, water sports, yoga, and even light hiking. The upper is a thin, breathable and abrasion resistant polyamide fabric that stretches to conform to your foot shape. The antimicrobial microfiber insole adds a little bit of cushioning. I can easily see myself wearing these to go rafting, or boating, or for a short trail hike. And it’s machine washable!

The Komodosport– the ultimate shoe for the serious fitness enthusiast.  Take the KSO and ramp it up with functional improvements to get this shoe designed with the athlete in mind. The durable 4mm Vibram outsole makes this shoe perfect for running and cross training. The footbed is stitch-free and seamless to ensure as little friction as possible. You can get a custom fit by using the hook and loop closures over the top of the foot and around the heel. Machine washable like the KSO, it’s a rugged shoe that you can feel great about as you train.

The Performa Jane – women have a great option to wear for indoor activities. The Performa Jane was designed specifically for indoor fitness activities, yoga, and pilates. You get all the great benefits of all the Five Fingers shoes with added flexibility in the sole plus a Kangaroo Leather upper. You can customize your fit with the hook and loop closure over the top of the foot. You also get maximum feel of the exercise surface along with a slip-resistant sole. Just note that this shoe is not designed for extended outdoor wear.

If you love walking barefoot, you’ll really love the Vibram FiveFingers collection. Protect your feet while strengthening the muscles in your feet and legs. Just be sure to wear them just a few hours at a time at first; since you’re probably not used to using these muscles, you’ll need to strengthen them gradually. But in the long run, it’s worth the wait!

2 Responses to The Most Unique Footwear Ever: Vibram FiveFingers Shoes!

  1. I like the idea of this shoe and would love to own a pair. I think the individual sections for each toe is a interesting concept. I wonder if it would expose each toe to possible sprains?

  2. Robin says:

    Hi Nancy – I haven’t heard any reports about having individual toes having an increased chance of sprains with these shoes. There does seem to be a good bit of protection from the Vibram sole, so my gut instinct would be to say no. But if you’re concerned, I’d talk to a podiatrist. I can attest as to their comfort, though!