The Perfect Socks for Everyone!

Footwear etc. carries many brands of socks for your comfort and style needs. But which to choose? So many options, so many socks. Here’s a tour of the many socks we carry:

iT Comfort Socks: These products were designed in collaboration with orthopedists who work with athletes. Their unique fiber formula provides for non-irritating non-constricting, extra padded, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, and well ventilated socks. Available in unisex sizes, these socks are perfect for all athletic activities as well as for those with various foot conditions. Try them in crew or ankle heights!

Dansko socks: Yes, Dansko makes socks as well as clogs, shoes, and sandals! Even with entirely different materials, the Dansko quality is readily apparent. As with all Dansko products, these socks don’t skimp on style. In fact, you can have socks with all sorts of colors and stripes, as well as “Safari” prints! Many of the Dansko socks are made with Merino wool and Lycra for superlative warmth and breathability, others are made with –get this – recycled plastic bottles that have been turned into yarn! How awesome is that? And all of them have superb moisture wicking properties to keep your feet comfortable.

Kunert socks: Here are some socks that will truly pamper your feet. Kunert products are not only extremely soft (made predominantly of cotton or wool), they also include Aloe Vera and Gingko extracts to help moisturize your skin without the use of creams or lotions. Kunert socks also are designed with a pressure-resistant, non-restricting band, and contain hand-linked toes to prevent pressure there as well. There are even special socks designed for travelers to improve circulation in their legs!

Feetures socks: These socks provide those who want an athletic sock with superior performance AND less bulk! Available in a variety of heights, Feetures socks are lightweight and breathable. You’ll love how they make your feet feel!

Goodhew socks: Want some high-quality socks in a variety of colors and patterns? There’s something for everyone with Goodhew products. But they’re not just great looking; they are made with Merino Wool and Spandex. Some models even contain Bamboo for an extra luxurious feel. What also sets this brand apart is that each sock contains arch support, flat toe seams, and superior moisture wicking capabilities to keep your feet comfortable. Available in a variety of colors, patterns, and heights, Goodhew socks are perfect for every occasion.

Marcmarcs socks: Fine craftsmanship is obvious in these beautiful socks. Made predominantly from soft cotton or virgin wool, Marcmarcs contain non-binding tops and hand sewn toe seams. Many contain Aloe Vera for ultimate softness. Available in a variety of heights and colors, Marcmarcs are silky soft, incredibly comfortable, and are designed to be kind to your feet. Think of them as the spa experience for your feet!

Thorlo socks: Designed for maximum protection of the fat pads on your feet, Thorlo socks provide the ultimate in cushioning for active or everyday wear. You can find socks with cushioning appropriate for walking, running, hiking, assorted sports, and even dress socks. Thorlo socks are made predominantly from acrylic, which wicks moisture from your feet as the cushioned pads provide exceptional shock absorption and help prevent blisters. They are also made in the U.S.A.!

Feetures socks: These socks are specifically designed to provide a perfect fit for athletes so that the chance of blistering is greatly reduced. Lycra bands all through the socks ensure a great fit. The “Perfect Toe” technology” provides a hand-linked fabric so that the inside and outside surfaces are completely flat and smooth, eliminating the irritation that seams can sometimes cause. The iWick and Durasoft fibers also provide superior wicking capabilities so that your feet stay dry and comfortable. Available in black and white, as well as varying heights. Feetures socks are perfect if you need high performance and durability. Feetures is so confident you’ll love these socks, they offer a lifetime guarantee!

Jobst socks: Do you have “special needs” feet? Then check out the variety of medical socks from Jobst. Recommended by many doctors, Jobst socks are especially designed for Diabetics, people with vascular issues, and those who just have sensitive feet. Jobst excels in compression hosiery with wide toe areas, flat seams, and contains an antibacterial additive to reduce odor. Available in several colors and heights, Jobst socks are easy to wear when ordinary socks aren’t.

Aetrex socks: Another great brand that provides cushioning, flat seam construction, elasticized arch support, and shock absorption! Made from polyester and spandex, Aetrex socks give you the performance you’d need in an athletic sock, yet can be used for dressy purposes. The soft yarn provides a luxuriously soft feeling on your feet. Available in a variety of colors and heights, Aetrex socks are comfortable, versatile, and affordable!

Merrell socks: Just as you’d trust Merrell with shoes appropriate for many outdoor activities, you can now trust them for producing high-quality socks as well! These athletic socks are available in solid colors as well as some fun patterns, and are perfect for that weekend hike, or your daily run, or even regular everyday wear. Blended with wool, polypropylene, nylon and lycra, Merrell socks are not only durable, but fashion forward! They provide excellent cushioning to add comfort and shock absorption, and have superior moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry. As with all Merrell products, you can be certain that they’ll be durable and stylish for a long time!

Footwear etc. carries a sock for everyone! Check out these brands to see which suits your needs best!

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