Make No Mistake: Danskos Aren’t Just Clogs!

I love Dansko shoes. I even own 3 pairs of them. And each of them is wildly different from the other. Two of them are clogs (and each is radically from the other), but “one of these things is not like the others….” Yes, Dansko makes shoes that bear little resemblance to clogs! Yet with every Dansko product, your feet will have the same phenomenal benefits from these marvelously supportive shoes. What makes these shoes so special?

Rocker bottom sole – the back of the heel and the toe box are curved upward, so that as you walk, you rock forward. This takes pressure off your plantar fascia, and can alleviate foot pain. Yet this sole does provide outstanding stability, allowing you to stand for hours!

Superlative shock absorption – the wider heel provides lateral stability and more supportive heel strike. And the durable outsole actually provides shock absorption similar to that of athletic shoes!

Many models are certified slip resistant, and Danskos are endorsed by the American Podiatric Association. These stylish shoes are really good for your feet!

My first pair of Danskos is a Mary Jane style, similar to the Marcelle. I’ve been able to wear them with dressy clothes, with jeans, to work, out on the town, etc. I can stand for hours (and I have!) in these shoes. Their support is outstanding.

I recently got a pair of clogs that are different from any I’d seen before: the Kelsey. The outsole is more cushioned than any other clogs, and the insole actually has soft foam that conforms to my feet! These are phenomenally comfortable, and are the perfect casual shoe for everyday wear.

My all-time favorite, however, is Dansko’s flagship shoe: the Professional. I have it in Cordovan Cabrio Leather, which is a great color to wear with lots of different outfits. This is my go-to shoe for when my feet hurt. In fact, when I visited my podiatrist, these were the shoes she was wearing! I’ve also noticed these shoes on many medical professionals at our local clinic. The sole is fairly rigid, yet you can feel the support and they are incredibly comfortable even if you have to stand for long periods of time. I can truly understand why the American Podiatric Association endorses this shoe; my feet always feel better when I wear these. You can even choose colors and patterns to reflect your personality! (Green snakeskin, anyone?)

I am delighted to see that Dansko also offers boots, shoes that look like pumps, sandals and slides, and an assortment of shoes for men and kids as well! Dansko is always coming out with new styles, and I’m always excited to see what’s available. I feel like any style they come up with is going to pamper my feet, so I try to get styles to reflect my mood. Check out the wide variety of possibilities with Dansko!

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