Keeping Your Body Realigned with Orthaheel/Dr. Andrew Weil Shoes

As I took my car in for a realignment recently, I realized that keeping our bodies realigned isn’t something we tend to pay attention to until there’s a problem! Why we are so attuned to the stuff around us rather than our own well being will forever be a mystery to me, but I digress….so many of us have pain caused by basic alignment issues. As we compensate for biomechanical problems, we can end up with all sorts of join pain in our feet, knees, ankles, etc. All too often we wear shoes that we think look great but don’t actually provide the support and alignment we really need to be healthy. That’s where Orthaheel and Dr. Andrew Weil shoes save the day!

The premise of these shoes is to ensure that your feet are properly supported so that they can function optimally. Orthaheel and Dr. Andrew Weil shoes are designed with orthotic properties to help reduce pronation, stabilize the heel, absorb shock, and reduce stress on the joints.

Orthaheel makes a bunch of models in a variety of styles that are truly kind to your feet. Dr. Andrew Weil, an internationally-recognized pioneer in the health and wellness field, endorses Orthaheel products and actually came up with his own line of Orthaheel-made shoes as well.

Within the Orthaheel and Dr. Andrew Weil lines, there are so many different styles to choose from, you can definitely find a comfortable shoe for every situation. I do have to say that the flip flops are absolutely THE most comfortable I have ever worn. They have all the perks of traditional flip flops, with outstanding support. I could walk for hours in them! And you can even get slippers with all that support. Phenomenal!

I also really love the Orthaheel walkers. They’ve got full-grain leather uppers, with mesh to allow breathability. They offer all of the fabulous properties of Orthaheel shoes, and even have a mid-foot stabilizer to control the motion of your feet as you walk. The removable orthotic even has an antibacterial top cloth to help control foot odor! These shoes make walking easy!

Help keep your body aligned properly with Orthaheel and Dr. Andrew Weil shoes. You’ll really feel the difference!

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