Custom Shoes Without the Custom Price!

Little did I know that you can actually have customized shoes at affordable prices. How is it possible? Aetrex found a way!

Aetrex has come up with a fascinating new technology called Mozaic Customization. It allows you to modify all Aetrex footwear so that you can relieve any pressure points on your feet and provide for an equal distribution of pressure as you walk.

How does it work? First, you identify the pressure points on your feet. (You can do this by noticing particular areas of pressure as you stand. Another way is if you have access to a store that has a machine that can do this for you, the machine can map out those areas.)  Next, find those areas on the insole that correspond to your pressure points and remove the little squares there. Finally, put the modified insole back into your shoe. You’ll notice an immediate difference in how your weight distributes throughout your feet, and how the pressure areas are relieved!

I love how you can get this custom fit on a wide variety of types of shoes. Aetrex makes athletic walking and running shoes, casual everyday shoes, and dressy shoes for both men and women!

Love to run? Try the Aetrex Women’s Voyage Runner V557. Not only does it have the Mozaic Customization system to relieve pressure, it also contains a molded, external heel counter for extra rearfoot control. The Carboplast footbridge provides motion control and stability, and the mesh upper keeps your feet cool and dry. This shoe even helps you avoid overpronation! I’m looking forward to taking these out for a run through the local park!

 The Aetrex Men’s Ariya is a beautiful, dressy shoe that you can wear to work, out on the town, or even with casual wear. The soft, luxurious leather upper is beautiful and comfortable, and the polyurethane outsole provides superb shock absorption. And as always, you can customize the shoe with the Mozaic Customization system to relieve pressure. Your feet will be happy all day long with these shoes!

Here’s a slip-on shoe for women that’s stylish and provides outstanding support: the Aetrex Essence Slip-on E240. The black patent leather version is especially elegant and versatile. And as always, it utilizes the Mozaic Customization system and the polyurethane outsole provides outstanding shock absorption. Your feet will be cool and dry because of the polyester and leather linings. Beautiful shoe for casual or dressy occasions!

So who needs to pay outrageous prices for customized shoes? Try out the Mozaic Customization in all Aetrex shoes. There’s a fit just for you!

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