Clarks’ Unstructured Line: Ultimate Comfort in Contemporary Styles

I’ve always been a fan of Clarks shoes, and I’ve noticed recently many new models begin with “un.” Like “Un.Actual,” or “Un.Crow,” or “Un.Jib.” It seemed like a strange way to name shoes, so I did a little checking…

Turns out all the names of the shoes beginning with “un” are part of Clark’s Unstructured line. This particular class of shoes excels in keeping your feet cool and dry, with technology specifically designed to make you as comfortable as possible. The Clarks ACS (Air Circulation System)specifically brings in fresh air to your feet, while venting warm, moist air out of the shoe. And on top of that, the shoes are extremely flexible, lightweight, produce good traction, have very good shock absorption, and have really soft, leather uppers with lambskin linings. What’s not to love?

My favorite dressy sandal is the Clarks Un.Crow. With its stable 2 ¼” heel, the Un.Crow was great when I had to stand for hours at my high school reunion. My feet stayed cool and comfortable, even in heat and humidity! I also love the fact that I can wear them with both dressy clothes as well as casual clothes. A phenomenal all-around sandal that I wear year-round.

Like clogs? Check out the Clarks Un.Actual. It has a beautiful t-strap design, with all the comfort properties of the Unstructured line. Don’t be fooled by the wood-appearance of the sole; the outsole is made of lightweight PU with EVA filler and rubber strike pads. No heavy, clunky shoe here! Beautiful, easy-to-wear clog for any occasion.

My next sandal purchase will be the Un.Jib. I need another pair of casual sandals for warm weather, and the Un.Jib is fantastic. The two adjustable straps will give me a custom fit, and the soft leather insole and upper will feel fantastic. What a cool, comfortable, stylish sandal for everyday wear. I can’t wait to get my pair!

For the ultimate in casual comfort, check out the Clarks Unstructured Line of shoes. The hardest decision you’ll have is choosing which pair (or pairs!) to wear!

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