Fit Flops: Not Just “Thong-style” Shoes anymore!

FitFlops are great toning shoes. And until just recently, the styles were pretty much limited to “thong-style.” Wonderful for warm weather, a little more challenging to use during cool, damp months. Fortunately, FitFlops are now available in a variety of styles that you can enjoy year-round!

The Supertone is FitFlop’s foray into the sneaker market. And you don’t have to advertise that they are “toning” shoes; FitFlop has specifically designed this shoe to utilize its patented Microwobbleboard technology yet not look like a toning shoe. The upper is available in Pewter, White or Black leather, and looks great with all sorts of casual attire. It’s perfect if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a toning shoe!

Boots are also a welcome addition to FitFlop’s catalog of models. The Mukluk, as indicated by its name, combines the Microwobbleboard technology with a comfortable, warm, sheepskin upper. Here’s your go-to boot for cold weather! Available in Black or Smoke, the Mukluk will keep your feet toned and toasty all winter long.  And for sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis, finally here’s a warm boot that won’t hurt your feet!

Another great looking boot is the Superboot Short. These leather, pull-on boots are very stylish and work well with skirts or jeans. The soft, flexible fit will keep your feet and ankles comfortable while you walk, and the midsole will keep you toned! Choose Chocolate or Black leather for all your wardrobe needs!

So keep FitFlops in mind when you choose shoes during the winter. Be stylish and warm as you tone!

2 Responses to Fit Flops: Not Just “Thong-style” Shoes anymore!

  1. Deborah says:

    So glad Footwear etc. is carrying my favorite shoes! I have been wearing fitflop styles for over a year now, maybe more; the difference in my comfort level as far as working all day on my feet- like night and day. Osteoarthritis affects my left foot (bunion) and leg (supinating) as well as my back if I try to walk or stand too long in any other shoe.
    As far as toning the legs and glutes? Well, I’m usually thin and fairly fit but I cannot do the vinyasa yoga much with the neck so arthritic but just walking has noticeably become a more substantial workout with the moderate sole of this brand. My core is also very strong with little actual abdominal training.
    The short superboots look like Frankenstein boots. Not cute at all. The tall mukluks, however, are like wearing warm Uggs that can really support your feet and legs (Uggs are still of a much higher quality in the 200 dollar price range and will last a lot longer) yet look much cuter and streamlined than the other styles. Too expensive at full price so I bought mine on sale, yet your website has better sales and service…Maybe next year?

  2. Jan says:

    Hi Deborah…Thanks so much for your feedback! We’re happy that you’re happy that we have FitFlops! Let us know if there are any other brands you’d like to see us carry.