Take Care of those UGG Boots this Winter with the UGG Care Kit!

Let’s face it, UGG boots are an investment. You’re getting the best quality sheepskin available, in very high quality boots. You could get some cheap knock-off, but those don’t hold up the way that Authentic UGG boots from UGG Australia do. So if you’re going to spend the extra money to get the best quality boots you can find, why not protect them so that they’ll last as long as possible?

This is precisely why the UGG Care Kit was developed. When you’re investing in a good pair of boots, taking care of them is important. The UGG Care Kit contains everything you’d need to ensure that your boots look and feel fabulous for as long as possible. The kit contains the following:

Sheepskin Cleaner – this solution removes tough stains, and gives the sheepskin a clean and bright look.

Sheepskin Protector – protects against damage caused by rain, snow, dirt, and stains.

Sheepskin Freshener (my personal favorite) – helps keep your boots from smelling like FEET. It eliminates odor caused by bacteria and keeps your boots fresh smelling.

Also included in the kit are a sheepskin brush and a stain/scuff eraser.

I’m certain that this kit is going to come in handy for me this winter. I don’t want my boots to look good for just a couple of weeks until the weather gets sloppy, I want them looking great all season long (and beyond). So protect your investment with the UGG Care Kit. A little care will keep your boots looking great for a long time!

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