Need Some “Happy” Shoes? Try Alegria!

We’ve all classified our shoes. There are the stylish shoes. There are the serious shoes. There are the utilitarian shoes. There are the athletic shoes. There are the shoes that go with your favorite outfit. But now, you can get “happy” shoes! Check out the bright colors and patterns from Alegria!

Who knew you could get shoes that can reflect your sense of humor? And not only are they fun to look at, they’re fun and comfortable to wear! Alegria means “happiness,” and you’ll definitely feel happy when you wear them. Alegria shoes don’t come in boring colors; they come in bright, exuberant colors and patterns. Yes, they come in patterns! How about shoes with peace signs and hearts? Or shoes with flowers? Alegria shoes are definitely not for the Dull at Heart!

Another great feature about Alegria shoes is the fact that it has a mild, rocker sole. It adds spring to your step! Many customers have reported that these shoes help their sore feet feel better, and alleviate pain from plantar fasciitis. The rocker action is mostly close to the toe box, but you can definitely gain some benefits from the rocker sole. Alegria shoes are also slip-resistant, so you can feel more secure if you wear them in wet places.

I especially like the Paloma in Sangria Patent Leather. The red patent leather is festive and youthful-looking. The Mary Jane style is very comfortable, especially since the Velcro strap can be easily adjusted to fit your foot. The insole provides very good support, and is nicely cushioned so that you can stand in them for a long time. They made me feel like I was wearing Dorothy’s magic shoes!

Another great style is the Seville, in Wine and Flowers. Here’s a nice, comfy clog with a beautiful floral-patterned upper. It also has great support and cushioning like all Alegria shoes. If these don’t look like happy, upbeat shoes, I don’t know what would be!

Don’t let your shoes drag your mood down, check out the happy shoes from Alegria. Color therapy plus comfort equals a shoe you can have fun with!

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