Ladigo and Calafia from Authentic UGG Australia – New this Fall for Men!

My family members who live in cold climates constantly complain about how cold their feet get during the winter months. It’s especially bad when there’s ice on the ground. UGG Australia has come through for men with two brand new styles: the Ladigo and Calafia.

When I showed the photo of the Ladigo to my cousin, he immediately liked the rich leather upper and the fact that the elastic gores make the shoe easy to slip on and off. Yet though it’s a slip-on shoe, it’s versatile enough to wear with both casual and dressier clothing. Having slipped on ice way too many times, I was impressed by the cork-infused outsole since it provides great traction!

Ok, so UGG Australia created a great shoe for casual and dress wear for men. But the BEST feature of the Ladigo is that it comes with TWO insoles! One insole is leather, so you can actually wear this shoe year-round in comfort. When it’s really cold outside, you can switch the leather insole with the sheepskin insole to keep you warm and toasty all winter long.

Men aren’t limited to just the Ladigo. For a different look, try the Calafia. It has the same waxy leather upper as the Ladigo, but it’s in the form of a slide. And it also contains those two fantastic, interchangeable insoles.

Both the Ladigo and Calafia come in Stout and Black leather. My cousin now has the versatility and comfort he’s wanted in some very classy-looking shoes.

Now there will be no more whining about cold feet! UGG’s  Ladigo and Calafia solve that problem!

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