Get out and play with Chaco Shoes!

Looking for some rugged shoes that can survive lots of outdoor activities, yet still support your feet? Take a look at Chaco shoes.

Chacos are exceptional shoes for casual wear, particularly for folks who tend to overpronate as they walk. The BioCentric footbed was designed with the help of a pedorthist, and its contours help ensure that your foot is as stable as possible. This allows for extra comfort and reduced pronation. The “aggressive” arch support, sculpted heel cup, and heel risers give you maximum support, shock absorption, and lateral stability as you walk. All of these factors led the American Podiatric Medical Association to award its seal of approval to these shoes.

A huge plus in my estimation is that the EcoTread outsoles are made from 25% recycled rubber. Now I can feel morally superior and politically correct with my footwear! They are great if you’re going “green” in your lifestyle.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, Chaco shoes may even help prevent injuries caused by poor posture, and rotation issues. This can help alleviate problems to your back, hips, and knees.

The Chaco Flip Leather Eco Tread in Shitake Nubuck Leather is a really nice, all-around flip flop for men, and can be worn with extremely casual or slightly dressy clothing. In women’s shoes, I particularly like the Chaco Aurora in Bungee Cord Leather: the perfect flip flop for all occasions! Another really fun shoe is the Chaco Zong X EcoTread in Multi Red, which even has adjustable straps for a custom fit – even around the toe!

So go out and play in some Chaco shoes. They’re the perfect summertime rugged yet stylish footwear.

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  1. co cute, i will buy one