MBT Shoes Save the Day!

Every day we receive emails and phone calls from happy (real) customers who LOVE their MBT Shoes!  Hearing these stories make us happy.  We wanted to share the happiness and some of our favorite recent stories with all of our customers.  If you have a story you want to share, please email or call us!

Cindy from Illinois wrote… I just bought my 7th pair of MBTs.  I can not tell you how much it has improved my circulation, balance, back, hip and leg pain.  And my butt is my best feature after a year of wearing MBT Shoes!  It’s just plain gone!!  I wore them the first day with no problems and can’t do without a pair of them everyday since.  I shop, play, walk and work in them and I love them!!  The only problem is it spoils you for any other shoe.  I recommend MBT shoes to everyone – any age.  I get asked if they are those new “other brand” and I say, proudly, “No, these are the original MBTs.  The others can not compare and are note made with the technology that MBT has patented.”  No other is more comfortable or a great exercise than MBTs.  I love my new sandals!  Footwear etc. people are outstanding.  Thanks MBT!!

Irwin from New Jersey wrote… MBT Shoes reduced my leg and back pain significantly, particularly while walking.  I had been suffering for years despite orthotics, swedish clogs and various other shoe concoctions.  I tried a pair from Footwear etc. and am now ordering my second.

Kathy from California wrote… My husband loves his MBT Shoes.  The shoes are supportive as he recently had knee replacement surgery and can comfortably walk as the shoes absorb impact.

George from Missouri wrote… I have been so satisfied with my 15 pairs of MBT Shoes.  I had a spinal fusion 8 years ago.  MBT Shoes improved my posture, improved the weakness in my lower back, legs and core.

Kimberly from Florida wrote… I am a huge fan of MBT Sandals to walk the 3 Day.  I got these sandals on sale and very quickly.  I will be buying another pair later this summer for sure and will start my shopping here.

Thanks again to these happy customers for sharing their success stories with us.  Keep them coming!

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One Response to MBT Shoes Save the Day!

  1. Sam says:

    Am going to buy MBT boots for fall/winter. Looking at the pics, it seems that the weatherproof boot has more of the “rocking” sole than the shorter boot. Does anyone have any experience of these boots and would let me in on the fit, sole shape, etc.? Thanks in advance.