Bunion Sufferers can Rejoice at the Arrival of Fidelio Sandals and Slides!

Got bunions? Now there are shoes designed especially for you – Fidelio sandals and slides!

Fidelio Hallux Sandals for BunionsBrand new to the United States and Footwear etc., Fidelio shoes are specifically designed to stretch so that if you’ve got bunions, you can prevent that squished feeling most shoes provide. Bunions are painful enough, who needs pain from your shoes? You don’t have to put up with pain from your shoes anymore!

Not only do the Fidelio shoes provide great style and comfort for bunion sufferers, they also provide exceptional support. The deep-cupped heel and natural cork insole give superb support, and the air-cushioned sole feels wonderfully soft at the forefoot and heel. Orthotics wearers can also celebrate: the insole is removable and the shoe can accommodate full orthotics.  These shoes are hand-crafted in Austraia with the finest letahers and materials.

I particularly like the fact that the stretch insert for bunions is hidden, so they don’t look like yourFidelio Hallux Sandals for Bunion Relief stereotypical orthopedic shoes. They maintain their stylish design with attractive jewelling, soft vegetable-tanned uppers, and even the top of the insole near the toes matches the upper of the shoe! What a clever design!

Fidelio shoes are currently only available in women’s styles, but you can have choices for the look you want to show off! Casual wear is perfect for the Fidelio Hallux Bunion Relief sandal in tan leather. For a night on the town, consider the Fidelio Hallux Bunion Relief slide in burgundy patent leather. Lots of comfort, and lots of style here!

Don’t suffer from bunion pain anymore, try out some Fidelio shoes! They can make wearing shoes fun again!

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