Challenge #15: The Facebook MBT Giveaway Contest

Footwear etc. Facebook Challenge

First of all, we’d like to thank all of those who entered Challenges #13 and #14 (the recent UGG Giveaway Contests). And congratulations to our winners @shopaholicchic and @DinaJ, who came away with free pairs of UGG boots. We loved the hundreds of entries, and are excited to follow it up with another contest to help you spring forward: Challenge #15.

Challenge #15: The Facebook MBT Giveaway Contest starts 3/12/10 and runs through 3/24/10. To enter, simply become a fan of our shiny new Facebook page, and give us a nice warm welcome. One courageous contestant will be rewarded a brand new pair of MBT shoes with a maximum value of $300.

If you’re new to the weekly Footwear etc.  Challenge, you can read the (very simple) rules here. If not, you’re all set: Become a fan of Footwear etc. on Facebook to get started!

9 Responses to Challenge #15: The Facebook MBT Giveaway Contest

  1. ANNA says:

    Following you on Facebook and on Twitter
    HEAVENANDUS7 on Twitter
    ANNA MOSLEY on Facebook

  2. Connie Salamone says:

    I was very pleased with my new shoes and the great service, it was especially nice not having to pay tax or shipping.

  3. thom says:

    i am bearlly computer literate so for me face book is more of a challenge than i want. sure would like to say how much i like my mbts, i have 3 pair 2 purchased 1 given to me

  4. alice cheairs says:

    i simply LOVE my new MBTS. i wear them everyday. two years ago, i was diagnosed with blockages in my legs. it simply hurt to walk for any length of time. these shoes have made a unbelieveable difference in my ability to walk for longer distances without pain.

  5. Grace Ho says:

    I am like Thom, I really don’t know how to use facebook, but I signed up as your fan. Yes, I enjoy shopping my MBT (I have 3 pairs) with footwear, etc. Your customer service is great! I will follow you on twitter, too. My twitter is

  6. E. T. says:

    I stand a lot for work. MBT gives me the pain free legs. I have 6 pairs in 1 1/2 years. I also love the tax & shipping free. Thank you MBT for your new designs.

  7. Peter Muise says:

    One of the best investments I’ve made for my body. In a short time my MBT’s have helped relieve some discomfort from back pain and bad posture.
    I’ve also found the service from Footwear to be exceptional.

  8. PatZ says:

    I’d like to try MBTs. They look very comfortable.

  9. lisvet johnson says:

    this is one of the best shoes i bough, i have like four pairs and i love them all,
    from my sandals to my sneakers to my maryjane,they are so comfortable, once you buy then you are not going to use any other shoes,

    Lisvet Johnson, NY.