Function Meets Fashion with the Allrounder by Mephisto Winter Snow Boots

Light snow this evening will give way to heavy snowfall later tonight. Chances of snow 100%. Expect snowfall around 2 or more inches. Snow flurries tomorrow morning. If you live on the east coast, this is probably all too familiar to you! The best thing you can do is to equip yourself with the right shoes and wardrobe. When it comes to searching for the best snow boots we have many options. And if you’re a snow bunny like me, you would easily vouch for the most fashionable snow boots. But with several years of neglecting my feet, I simply cannot sacrifice comfort. I thought, there has to be a comfortable boot designed to weather any kind of storm without sacrificing style! This sparked my quest to find the ultimate comfort boot for snow.

I admit when it comes to winter snow boots, Mephisto isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. I mean, they only make walking shoes and sandals, right? WRONG! To my surprise, I stumbled upon the Allrounder by Mephisto Nord Waterproof Boot.

Allrounder by Mephisto Nord

These boots really are stylish compared to other snow boots, in my opinion. Function meets fashion with the Allrounder Nord – the waterproof nylon upper is insulated to keep your feet warm and dry. The brown suede lining adds durability and the adjustable strap for a secure fit. I really fancy the fur closure at the top of the shaft. The fur adds a bit of fashion-forwardness to an otherwise plain looking snow boot. The interior of the boot is also lined with plush fur. (Don’t worry PETA supporters – it is lined with faux fur. So no cute animals were hurt in the process!) The outsole is made of a flexible, latex rubber sole designed to absorb shock and anti-slipping.

For those who are not familiar with Mephisto, here’s a quick scoop. Mephisto is a world-renowned footwear manufacturer originating in France. All Mephisto shoes are designed with comfort in mind, and composed of only high quality, technologically advanced materials. Believe me, the French really know their shoes!

So don’t let the weather report keep you indoors. The Allrounder Nord Snow Boot by Mephisto will motivate you to get out and walk your dog in the snow or wear them to the store. Besides, it would be a waste to keep such stylish and comfortable boots in your closet, wouldn’t you agree?

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