Challenge #10: The Naot Giveaway Contest

Footwear etc. Twitter Challenge

Being one of our top tier brands with styles in practically every genre of footwear, we thought even more contestants would find some wonderful winter use out of this next giveaway. These classy, comfortable styles showcase a contour fitting removable footbed, which is a soft, luxurious feel your feet are sure to love.

Challenge #10: The Naot Giveaway Contest starts 12/26/2009 and runs through 1/6/2010. The winner will receive a brand new pair of Naots from our selection here at

If you’re new to the weekly Footwear etc. Twitter Challenge, you can read the (very simple) rules here. If not, you’re all set: Follow Footwear etc. on Twitter to get started!

9 Responses to Challenge #10: The Naot Giveaway Contest

  1. Terry Murphy says:

    Have never won anything, always try, never give up. Like your site, have purchased MBT’s from you, they are great. Would love to win.

  2. SUZANNA PI says:

    i have not won much myself but i try keep at the wins will come Happy Holidays
    i need new shoes

  3. tracey rollings says:

    would love to win new shoes all the best for 2010 one and all x


    Gl to all, I never win much myself, so it’s nice of you guys to give us all a chance to win something.
    happy new year all.

  5. Velvet says:

    Momma needs a new pair of shoes!!!

  6. Claudia @cdmtx65 says:

    if i click my Heels twice will that help my chance of winning :) ?

  7. marie says:

    I would love some new shoes….plz enter me. thanks Happy New year

  8. Kammi says:

    That looks cute! I RT this contest. The good thing is that my mom and I wear the same size. If it doesn’t feel right for me, I could give it to my mom. If it doesn’t feel right for my mom, she can give it to me. It’ll look cute on us.

  9. Taly says:

    I will kill to get a free pair of Naot Shoes..
    Going tweeting..