Allrounder by Mephisto Warina – Get the skinny on this waterproof sneaker

Aren’t we all trying to get the skinny? Diet, reduce, get smaller, it never ends. We all know the best way to go about it. Eat healthy and keep moving, right? With the Allrounder by Mephisto Warina on your feet, you have no excuse. Waterproof so rain can’t stop your regime, and cool mesh upper so Mr. Sun won’t have to listen to your feet whine either. The insides are anatomically shaped just like that jersey dress that’s been mocking you from your closet. If you decide to step it up a notch, the Active Suspension System will absorb the shock of concrete meeting running feet, but we’re not sure about the shock of your sore muscles the next day.
Don’t give up looking good to look good. Black is slimming and the cozy suede overlays add textural interest while weathering any storm. The horizontal elastic bands keep you snug and svelte with just enough give for comfort and ease of removal. We know how you hate restrictions.
A few months of this and you will be looking good, girl. Now have some pie.
Allrounder by Mephisto Warina Black Suede Waterproof Shoes

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