Stripe Me Some Comfort and Savings with Goodhew Socks

Stripes on socks have never looked so good. This modern twist on the classic stripe is now offered in a high performance Merino wool. These Goodhew socks have Spandex throughout the sock, which means it will stay up and stay put. No more slouching socks or blisters from socks that don’t stay in place. They also have a flat toe seam, which means no discomfort or irritation on your feet from a big wad of thread jammed up on your toes. Finally, the Merino wool construction means your feet will be super comfortable the second you slide these babies on your feet.┬áRight now when you buy any 3 or more Goodhew socks you will save 10%!

Goodhew Stripe It To Me Socks - Buy 3 or more and Save!

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