Shoes for plantar fasciitis – MBT Shoes seem to be just what the doctor ordered

Do you have plantar fasciitis?  Are you having trouble finding the right shoes to help alleviate your heel pain?  We are finding that the MBT Shoes are offering relief to many people suffering from plantar fasciitis.  Below are some real testimonials from our real customers who wrote us about their experiences with plantar fasciitis and MBT Shoes.  Please feel free to submit a comment to this post and share your experiences with us!  The complete line of MBT Shoes can be found at

I have a severe case of plantar faciitis that has resisted all forms of treatment including surgery, physical therapy, night splints, etc. I got a referral to a new podiatrist who recommended trying MBT’s. I had to try a few pairs to get a good fit but now love them. They never leave my feet. They are so comfortable and take all the strain out of my heels plus as a benefit I have no joint pain either! I have two pair, one for work and one for outside. The best shoes I ever had and I even tried a funny coiled shoe ( you know who you are!) which while ok were just too ugly to wear. Footwear.etc was fantastic to work with, very easy to order, make returns. Thank You!

I absolutely love MBT shoes. I have purchased a different style 2 years ago and I loved it- it ended my search for a cure for my plantar fasciitis which I’ve had for about 5 years. I have tried so many brands, changing to new pair and brand/style almost every month until somebody mentioned to me about MBT shoes. This has changed my life completely- I have been pain-free for the last 2 years, and I am actually taller when I have them on, awesome. I have recommended this shoes to so many people already and every single one of them love the shoes too. I encourage everyone to get a pair.

I wear my MBT’s every day. I have 3 pairs that I alternate with. I have had a history of shoes not being comfortable and my feet hurting all the time, which isn’t good when you are on your feet every day with my career in nursing. I found that I was going through a pair of shoes every 6 months because my feet hurt. I finally went to a neuro-massage therapist and she recommended MBT’s as she was trying to release my chronic plantar fascitis. So I got my 1st pair…needless to say I had to have a partial release done but the MBT’s help me keep the fascia from regrowning scar tissue and my quality of life has really changed. I can now walk and exercise and be happy about life. I recommend MBT’s to anyone that has a problem with there feet. P.S. and the toning factor of these shoes is unbelievable!!!!

I only wear MBT shoes and sandals. Other brands sit in my closet. They make me want to walk. My legs, knees and feet never get tired. I feel like I could walk a marathon in them. I actually wear out the soles eventually on my MBTs. I have recommended them to many people. They eliminate my sister’s back pain when she wears them. Her husband finds relief from a painful nerve disorder in his feet when he wears his MBTs. My students think they look cool. They always notice when I get a new style of MBTs. I feel great in them. My knee pain, foot odor from not exercising my feet and toes in other brands, and plantar faciitis all disappeared with MBTs. I wish I could afford more pairs! There are so many great new styles out now.

I wear this shoe everyday to walk for exercise and to work, I have 3 pair. I have plantar fasciatis and MBT’s are the only shoe I can wear without any difficulty. I have the white and have no problem wearing them as a nurse as they don’t look like athletic trainers. I have been able to increase my walking distance daily since buying MBT’s and have bought 2 other styles of MBT based on my experience with this particular style.

The MBT shoe saved my walking life! As time marches on the foot’s fat pad thins; no shoes seemed to give me the cushioned comfort that I needed to enjoy my fitness walks. Add plantar faciitis, and truly I was struggling to find comfort to finish my walks. Then a friend shared her MBT experience; I tried them out and I am now on my third pair! I walked all over New York City without an ounce of fatigue thanks to my MBT shoes.

I have high arches and tend to pronate when I walk. Plantar fasciitus had been a way of life for almost 15 years. I had been wearing very expensive corrective shoes with only moderate relief. The MBT’s are all I wear now and I have absolutely no foot pain. I have purchased dress shoes, sandals, casual and sports MBT’s and this is all I wear.

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7 Responses to Shoes for plantar fasciitis – MBT Shoes seem to be just what the doctor ordered

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  2. Alicia says:

    I just bought my MBT sandals a week ago because I was told they will help with my plantar faciitis. Injections to the heel did not help as much as these shoes have! I no longer have heel pain or leg pain and my calf muscles are getting stronger along with my improvement in posture! I am so glad I spent the money on these instead of buying those expensive $400 insoles at the doctor’s!

  3. Robert says:

    I have had plantar faciitis and periphreal neuropathy in both feet for over a year. I have tried everything including stretching, orthotics, night splints, injections, physical therapy, and taping. After extensive research on the internet and reading about the MBT’s, I finally got a pair at the end of September. I have been walking on them for about 6 weeks and my foot pain is almost completely gone. They are the first thing that has had any effect. Just found Footwear Etc. and ordered my third pair. They have the best prices and free shipping.

  4. barbara bennett says:

    I have metatarsaliga and am wondering if MBT shoes will help alleviate the pain while walking. Please respond with any comments that may apply.

  5. I am a doctor who specializes in plantar fasciitis, and I had never heard of these MBT shoes until a few months ago when a client suggested them to me. They have worked great for him and I have started recommended them to all my patients. Thanks for the great article.

  6. Carole Abernethy says:

    I am a 73 year old woman and I have had plantar fasciitis for 6 months. I have been wearing prescription orthotics for the past 3 months. What model of MBT shoe do you recommend if I want one pair to wear all of the time? Should I put my prescription orthotics in the MBT shoes?

  7. Jan says:

    Hi Carole, All MBT shoes styles have a removable insole to help accommodate an orthotic. I would recommend a lace-up shoe as it will provide a more secure fit for your foot while using an orthotic. If you need to discuss any of the MBT shoes please call us at 1-800-720-0572. Feel better!