Getting Fit in the New Year with MBTs

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions to get healthy, feel good and look great!  This year, help keep that promise to yourself with new MBTs.

What I love about the “anti-shoe” is that I know I’m getting a workout with each step – or even when I am standing still!  The MBT technology, with its unique “rocker” shaped sole, engages a larger number of muscles compared to a traditional shoe.

It improves circulation, stimulates your metabolism, burns extra calories, and supports muscle regeneration.  This “exercise” has noticeably toned my own abs and legs just by wearing them around the office, running errands, walking the dog and chasing after my kids.

You can feel an immediate difference in your gait and posture – not to mention relief for your back and joints pain!  MBTs are the most comfortable shoes I enjoy wearing everyday!

Footwear etc. offers brand new MBTs being released for 2009 in a variety of styles. Which will be your favorite pair to help keep this New Year’s resolution?

Tunisha Mary-Jane – Black Leather Tataga – Chill Oxford Leather Men's Tembea - Mink Oxford Leather
Tunisha Mary-Jane – Black Leather Tataga – Chill Oxford Leather Men’s Tembea – Mink Oxford Leather

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