Naot Shoes Fit for the Environment

Green Street Naot Shoes ArticleFor most of us a stylish pair of comfortable shoes is a dream come true. They look good, fit well, and make me look fantastic. What more could I ask for?

How about a shoe line that fits the above bill AND walks lightly upon the environment! It’s not enough to think about ourselves these days. With each purchase we now need to ponder, “How will this affect my children’s future on this fragile planet. Is this product ‘green’?”

Naot is a line of footwear we’ve carried for quite some time and now two of their styles, the Naot Matai and Esteem, were featured in the 2008 Going Greener issue of Footwear Plus.

Give these Naot styles a try and comfort of feet can be accompanied by comfort of conscience.
Naot Mary Jane

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