Geox Shoes Help Feet Breath Free


My feet sweat. By the end of a day in a simple closed shoe I feel like I’m walking in puddles, fearing those striding beside me can hear the “squish, squish” emanating from my shoes with each step. Aside from the unwelcome discomfort of soggy feet, what most worries me is the stinky stench that may waft about when I take the shoes off to get some much needed ventilation. My simple solution has been to wear stylish sandals as often as possible, but I’ve always dreamed of a good looking shoe that would breath with each stride.

Geox shoes claim to have designed “the shoe that breathes.” I find their television advertising delightful — worth watching a few times over (click the play button below) — and frightfully close to home.

Customer reviews on a variety of websites are compelling:

“I’m a believer! I used to be a die-hard fan of Aerosoles for my daily office workhorse shoes, but I am a Geox convert now. . . [F]or anyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis (sweaty feet), these are just unbelievable.”

I have to admit that the designers of these shoes have devised a seemingly clever system — micro-holes in the rubber outsole that let perspiration from the feet out of the shoes with the protective breathable membrane keeping water out and the feet dry.

What is clear from the comments of those who wear Geox shoes is that they are comfortable:

“Great, comfy shoe! This shoe is so comfortable and cute! The cushion is so soft and thick, it feels comfortable to walk in all day long! I put them on as soon as I got them and they felt comfortable right away.”

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